Monthly Archives: September, 2012

Mental Maths

Some mornings, we will warm up our brains by doing a mental maths test online –

here’s the link. Can you get full marks?


E safety

This morning, I would like you to finish your e safety poster – it should be saved in Pupil drive in 6w folder.

A good website to get more ideas from is:

There are lots of games and videos on here to look at when you finish and print (and save!) your poster!

How was your weekend?

How was your weekend? This morning (24.9.12) I would like you to tell me a little about your weekend.

After you’ve done that, I would like you to:

– Finish your letter to Philippe Petit so we can post them

– Then have a go at:

Persuasive writing….

How would you persuade Miss Walker to give you an extra half an hour of golden time?! If it’s good enough persuasion, it might even happen….

Remember I love flattery!!


Which is your favourite news story this morning and why?

Court room drama!!

Good morning! Today we are going to prepare for and have a debate about whether Philippe Petit was guilty or not guilty for walking between the towers.

I want to know what you know about court rooms (think about Judge Judy!!). Who is involved in a court case and why?



Home Learning

This week our home learning is to write a biography of Philippe Petit’s life. What was his childhood like and what were his parents called, etc…?

Post it here as a comment and remember to include your name! Have fun!


It’s over…sob…what will Miss Walker do with her time now?!

Have the Paralympics changed your view of people with disabilities? How and why?

How to add your email address to post a comment

We had a few issues the other day when trying to post a comment.

We have an email account set up and the address is So when it asks for the email, please add this one!

Do you remember what personification is? Tell me in your own words and give an example!