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Half term!!!

Hey AWESOME people it is obi and I have had a great holiday especially because I went shopping and tommorrow I am going bowling (lots of FUN) YAY!!!!!!!!!!!


What are you doing in half term!!!!!!

H everyone it’s Eve I was wondering what your doing on half term I  saw Paranorman yesturday at the cinamar and today I’m going to a museum with my child minder please comment:) ;)!!!!!!!

Mould on the bread!

I’ve thrown the bread away now because it was getting a little smelly and it’s not great for our health to have loads of mould in the classroom!

What happened to your bread and WHY? You might want to do some research to get a really scientific answer.



American elections

Who are the two main candidates standing for presidential elections? What can you find out about them?


When is the election going to be held?

Dear Diary,

Ooh!!! I’m so  scared , I nearly got cooked into a gourmet grasshopper dish at the Bleeding Bugs Buffet. That chef in there is really scary, he’s got eight legs so it’s really hard to get away from him. As I made a dash for the door , all of the spiders caught sight of me and tried to get me . Then that evil chef swung open the kitchen door and tried to kill me with his EIGHT butchers knives . I was so frightened , I nearly slid on a lake of Cockroach cocktail  in-front of me. I made it out when the chef spider accidentally wedged his Butchers Knives into the floor trying to kill me. I’m so glad I got out of there ALIVE.

Anyway , as I left the resturaunt , I  heard a blood- curdling scream from the  house next door to the resturaunt . I was only semi – recovered  so I wasn’t thinking straight.  I decided to find the sorce of the scream.

Of course I never would have done such a thing , usually , but as I said before  I was only semi – recovered  so I wasn’t thinking straight . But I wish I was. When I entered the house , to find the sorce of the scream , and I heard it was from upstairs . So I hopped cautiously  up the winding stair to see if  any answers would unwind up there . When I saw the sight before me , I felt the chill of 55 frezzers running  down my spine . It was a poor , dainty little fly, spun into a web stuck on the wall . Before I could take any  phases of action , The door opened and a ginourmous spider in fine clothes emerged from the darkness . He spotted me and I knew I was done for, but he walked past me to the web  and then turned around and said something  that made me fully recover from my death defying  ‘break out’  he turned his head for me and wispered

”You’re next….”

Before I could hop out  the window , he injected his venom  into the stomach of the fly and within seconds……… she was DEAD.

So I’m going to make sure I watch my back and to be honnest , I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing this spider is after mme . So I don’t know if this’ll be my last Diary entery. So I’m going to end this with a fairwell……………..

Fairy tales

The reviews of mirror mirror are fantastic! Which other fairy tales do you know? Have any been used in films that you’ve seen?

Also, check out – Miss Maughan went on a trip to CLC and have a look at what they did. Don’t forget to comment!

Review of the movie mirror mirror

I thought Mirror Mirror was amazing it was really funny i loved the dwarfs when they first met Snow White and they interdused themeself to her. It was really intresting at the end when she saw that the dragon was her dad it was so emotional its was really sad but at the same time it was happy. If i gave a rating of Mirror Mirror i would give it a 5 star. It was amazing I recommend this for all the people around the world it shows that if you want something you can do it.

paige mirror mirror

I think that mirror mirror was eye popping and mouth dropping because it was really funny and my faviourte characters were Prince alcott,Snow white,Brighton

I would recomend it to children over 7 of age .

Mirror Mirror Reveiw (by Jayde)

Mirror Mirror was an action packed , jaw dropping , cliff hanging adventure starring : Julia Roberts as the evil queen, Lilly Collins as Snow White , Armie Hammer

as the prince and the seven dwarfs. I recomend this film for fantasy loving fans over 6 years old. This is a tale different to the one you may already know………….

(p.g , 5 stars)

Mirror Mirror izzy

I thought that the movie was GREAT :D.My favourite characters

were the dwarfs especilly wolf and Grub.I would recomend it to a friend over the age of 8