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What news has been happening this week?

I miss watching newsround every morning and blogging…what news have you watched or read about this week?


Goodnight Poem by Lorna

Power of Sleep

The moon with all its blemishes and its flaws,

Is still so beautiful that you’d look at it without a pause,

But yet, they who find the moon beautiful,

Consider life with its flaws so disrespectful,

The only time men are the same is when they sleep,

That’s the power of goodnight and it is very deep.

What is Eve doing?

im watching the xfactor!!!!I watched nativity today!!!!!!!!

What do you think of our ICT lessons?

What do you think of our ICT at Henry Cavendish? What do you enjoy? What could be better? Give me some real life examples of what you love.

Obi’s fabulous creature homework!!!

The flying human magic scale pig

The flying human magic scale pig is an compelling animal that wants you to find out more about this mystical creature. There are alluring scales and it has a magnificent and accurate pattern and the scales smell of toothpaste. It has painted blue nail varnish on the human hands, also the hands are crusty and dry. The wings are identical on each side the pattern is so beautiful and has the exact same pattern as a Swallowtail butterfly. The pig has a dull color on the humongous belly and is always ravenous and in addition the pig fills it’s belly with the trail it leaves behind (poo).

The flying human magic scale pig’s facts:

Characteristics: The pig has a fabulous personality (although it is an animal) the amazing animal loves the songs call me maybe by Carly Rae Jepson and the macarena so that proves it is bubbly. The pig is very intelligent and if they were to do GCSE’s there average would be around 12 and grades would be  B- or above and and also all flying human magic scale pigs only have 6 emotions which are  angry, disgruntled, ecstatic, jealous, over whelmed and fed up.

Life span: They live from 23-36 years because they are often killed at a average size because they never get killed young.

Habitat: They live in the country side with high grass and in the distance and they prefer massive fields and lots of greenery.

The rest of the facts is on this website: (

Izzy’s homework 20/11/12



A Pandile is a strange and mystical creature, that is found in the northeast jungle of Asia.  It is a rare animal, that appears to be a cross between a panda and a crocodile.  The front of the animal is a is a soft, furry, black and white panda whereas the rear end is a aggressive green slimy crocodile, with small spikes upon the length of his tail.


A Pandile behaves in a very peculiar fashion.  You see the front of the creature looks like an innocent panda BUT…its behaves like a nasty, snappy, angry crocodile.  Whereas pandas wound normally eat leaves and roots, whereas a Pandile eats the same as crocodiles e.g. meat or pretty much anything. that’s the cool thing about the Pandile its all a crocodile in disguise.


1. A Pandile speed is the same as a man sprinting!

2. One of the Pandiles favourite hobbies is  playing hopscotch!

3. They sleep on their back and roll over a least a million times in one night!

4. The rear end of a Pandile can hold its breath for up to 2 and a half hours!

5. When a Pandile goes swimming the fear end does a walking handstand under water for the whole on the swim so the panda does not get wet!

Saffron’s The POPCORN Queen’s homework xx

Nogard… (anagram of a dragon)




A Nogard is a backwards dragon. But has the same powers and qualities as a normal dragon. A Nogard is a backwards dragon. It breathes freezing ice and sneezes cold water. His body is like a normal dragon but only his face is rearranged. His frog-like eyes are located on his ether side of his cheeks. His nose neatly sits on his pimply chin. His slimey ears replace his empty eye sockets. His jade green lips rest proudly in the correct place. They are 52ft long. Nogards can aslo fly backwards, that increases their speed.


All Nogards have differnt personalities but the majority share one characteristic. They are all soft, sweet and  gentle. Many humans, aliens and in fact all creatures in the world are truly frightened of them, but when you get to know them they’re a pleasure to be around. They are very fearful of mango’s and lepracons. Nogards are highly intelligent and their IQ’s are up to 200. They tend to be quite emotional characters but they smile a lot.


A Nogard lives in the deepest part of the forest. It has a scary reputation even though they are actually harmless. It produces this type of slime that is similar to a force field. That is what protects it from any hungry. It is a Norgard’s very own protector. It can also change it’s colourand texture due to it’s surroundings.


A Nogard eats Ham, Walnuts, Hornets and Bare-Eyed-Cockatoo’s and last but not least… POPCORN!! (Nogards have an amazing sense of taste!!) If it is attacked and as a last resort they will kill in defense. Their tongue’s have venom on the tips and that causes instant death. Once their target has been horrifically murdered they slowly suck the blood out of it then rip the body parts.


Every Nogard’s middle name is Boom.

 All Nogards have an extremely good sense of smell.

A baby Nogard can eat up to 56 eggs.

90% of Nogard’s have studied law at Cambridge and gone on to be a Lawyer.

Nogard’s invented Gangnam Style!!

Nogard’s were alive before dinosaurs.

A Nogard called Bob the greatest was Einstien’s brother.

How many ways can you spell amazing 6w in different languages

verbazingwekkende 6w – Dutch

καταπληκτικό 6W – Greek

놀라운 6w – Korean

6W המדהים – Hebrew

مذهلة 6W – Aribic

The Hobbit facts by Matilde

some of the ACTORS:


it is from google so it is definetly reliable















The Hobbit, Saffron 6W xx

The Hobbit is a book about many dwarfes and a hobbit. The charracters in The Hobbit are…

Bilbo Baggins, Bilbo is a hobbit. He is very vein and lives his clothes!!

Gandgauf, is a humble, caring wizard. He always helps people.

I got it from Wikipedia and I personallly think wiki I unreliable.