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This morning, we are lucky enough to be watching Oliver! What do you know about it already?


Xmas games

Oxfam gift

Rather than buying you all a rubber or a pencil (boring!), I thought it would be more meaningful to donate the money I would have spent to charity.


Have a look at Oxfam’s gift ideas. Last year we got a goat couple!


What do you think?

What are you doing for Christmas?

xmasWhat are your plans over Christmas? Thank you so much for all being amazing this term. Have a really relaxing time and read lots and lots of books, newspapers, comics…..

Game time!

Have a go on the launch pad game from the Science Museum. How far can you get?

What are you expecting the film to be like?

How do we behave on a school trip and what are you expecting from the film The Hobbit today?

Our court room drama – Philippe Petit

These should have been on here ages ago. Do you remember what your role was?






Walter Raleigh

Who was he? What is he famous for? Start researching ready for our topic lesson this afternoon. Could you insert video or images?

Great Christmas by Obi


Hope of joy and peace

Ready to open presents

Invitations sent out for christmas

Smell of food from the kitchen

Toys scattered on the floor

Many people surrowned you throughout the day

All the decorations glisten in the room

Sooo many things make christmas day SPECIAL


Enjoy christmas to the full extreme!!!Image

Nativity in Balham and streatham

6W Went to watch two vity it was amazing and so good. I like the angels they were so cute, but to be honest they were all cute. Miss walker could of cried but she didnt.