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Finally, My GHANA PIX!!


IMG_0382Sorry I took so long! ūüôā




Monkey Business by Davina Attenborough (Lorna)

These two playful monkeys live in a world of their own where they fight over everything. They are delightful to watch and sometimes amaze one with their trickery. They move about in a secretive way like a sly fox, the youngest following the oldest to their destination of trouble. Their legs are very jumpy in every step they take, bouncing up and down.

They run after each other in circles stopping only to share a laugh or topple about in a rotational form. They are very agile and sometimes jump on chairs and through pillows about, while tearing the leather of the worn out chair. They enjoy eating lots of fruit and wild berries and scattering seeds all over the place. They can be greedy at times, but do like to share.

They are always around their parents and when in danger they run to them for protection and safety assurance. They are sociable animals living in a commune with other monkey families and are very territorial, driving out any intruders. They love living on tall trees far away from other predators on the ground.

They tend to interact with humans and other species of their kind, and sometimes become part of a human family. Tamed monkeys can even respond to names given them by their human owners. Amazing! No wonder they are referred to as ‚Äėour closest cousins‚Äô because we are all primates.

This is your presenter, Davina Attenborough, bringing you this documentary from the wild African jungle of Zawawa in the Congo, until next time, stay safe!

Jayde’s commentry

In a vast area known as streatham , the Khloecat is in a large burrow locally known as ‘home’. ¬†She scampers ¬†and rumages around like it’s primate brother the meercat. She’s temporarily amused by her small, plastic objects, known as toys. She then scurries over to another creature known as the Kyzelle . She is blowing on a strange whistling device known as an instrument. But out of greed the ¬†Khloecat attempts to steal the instument from the Kyzelle’s grasp. But the kyzelle seizes it back and the Khloecat falls to the ground in a heap. The battle has been won. The Khloecat gives out a high pitched screech and realeases unidentified fluid from it’s eyes.

Then, as we move to the area that ¬†is used for the storage of the livestock, We’ll find the rare , kind creature that is known as the mumapotomas. She is cleaning strange drink containers and food holders in a waterhole a.k.a……. the sink. The mumapotomas is the most important creature in the burrow, for she is in charge of the welbeing of the younger cubs in the ‘home’ ¬†She plods over to the ¬†cupboard to see ¬†if she had enough food for the animals. She closes the cupboard and picks up the Khloecat and moves back to the resting area , known as the living room.

The mumapotomas scribbles a type of  burrow writing on a thin , white rectangle. She is preparing to go to a local area to collect food to survive the week. The mumapotomas will be leaving the next day to join the racing hustle of other burrow leaders to collect more livestock.

Blogging project

I have chosen three of you to study!! Myself and Miss Maughan have been chosen to be part of a research project about blogging. Our blog is so amazing that I want us to show it off!

The researchers will be looking at your writing online and in your Literacy books.



So to start off our amazing writing…..

On Sunday it was Holocaust Memorial Day. Have a look on Newsround and then summarise (in your own words), what that means.



Digital Leaders

I have chosen the digital leaders and I wanted you just to write a little bit about what it means to you.
Why do we have them? What are the responsibilities of a digital leader?

You Have Got To Watch This!!

Type this into a new tab to see the funniest video of your life!!!!!!!


It is burns night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :) :) :) Eve

we ate lots of haggis !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Scottish danced!!!!!!!!

Zoe and Eloise’s first post

Hello class 6w.

Dear Mr/Mrs Ringmasters of the all circuses,

I am writing to discuss the ways that you treat animals. I am astonished by the way you behave towards animals!!! They should be able to run free within their natural habitat and live with their families! You spend HOURS training them ’till you tire them so much, they can’t do any better the next day!

Even though I’m sure the cages you provide for the animals are clean and well kept, they are still too small for them to spend long amounts of time in travelling from venue to venue. Surely they have done nothing wrong to have been treated like this!

I know that intelligent people like yourselves can see that you push animals to behave in a manner that is not their natural behaviour. Do you really think THIS is the way they should be treated? I have witnessed amazing circuses WITHOUT ANIMALS and they’re just as good as the ones with animals! I am certain you could do that!

Wouldn’t you like to stand up to animals rights and have a reputation as true carers for animals? I’m sure reasonable people like you would consider these points.

Your sincerely

Jake Romer

My homework 23/1/13



I think circuses should not be banned because they are a cheap affordable day out where you can go with your friends and family. They are also inspiring for your children as if they see and lion tamer or a trapeze artist they might think to there self I want to do that when I’m older and turn out to be a circus act. Circuses are normally in quite common places they are normally on commons so they are quite easy to get to and to find. You will know when there is a circus because the is always loads of posters advertising them. Also at the circus you get to see all the amazing animals like the  big cats, elephants, horses, birds, sea lions and bears