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Pope abdicating

Today the Pope is abdicating. This means he has decided he is no longer well enough to be Pope. He is 85 and has been poor of health recently.

This is the first abdication since Pope Gregory XII in 1415.

What do you think about it? His successor will be chosen in conclave. What is that? It’s so interesting; see what you can find out about it.


Obi’s cool math jokes

I’ve got some jokes

Teacher: Are you good at math ? Pupil: Yes and no Teacher: What do you mean ? Pupil: Yes, I’m no good at math !

Dad, can you help me find the lowest common denominator in this problem please ? Don’t tell me that they haven’t found it yet, I remember looking for it when I was a boy !

Teacher, I can’t solve this problem. Any five year old should be able to solve this one. No wonder I can’t do it then, I’m nearly ten !

Teacher: If 1+1=2 and 2+2=4, what is 4+4 ? Pupil: That’s not fair you answer the easy ones and leave us with the hard one !

Teacher: Now class, whatever I ask, I want you to all answer at once. How much is six plus 4 ? Class: At once !

I got the jokes from this website (


If you want some more go to my maths blog and check some out in the comments the web address (http://007×

Songs to practise

Songs to practise!

Songs to practise!

Mrs Harding

Mrs Harding taught us so much about Africa and we got to handle lots of artefacts including musical instruments, pillows (they didn’t look comfortable!), pumice, an elephant made of elephant tusk and a fertility doll.
What did you learn?




Mrs Harding






Half term

How was your half term? Remember to add lots of details! I spent mine with my little sister, who’s very pregnant, and it was very relaxed but lovely.

Also, h0w do you think the cake sale went? We raised £200!

On My Weekend

On my weekend for two days I went on the laptop looking up pet thing like beds and food .

After I went to my sisters house for the west of the week and on sunday I went ice skating with my sister Melissa my cousin Issie and my sisters friend and her son .

After we went to planet ice in Brixton my sister knew how to skate I did of CORSE and my cousin did’t know how to ice skate so me and my sister had to teach them how to ice skate .

My sister fell down 3 time my cousin fell down 7 and I never fell. So I’m really happy because it hearts .

I had a fun week of i done some of the Grammar book and my maths home work.

I hope you all had a good week of I’m getting my hair done the same time as I’m typing now my mum is going to do a style but I don’t know what its going to look like. 

At the mean time I’m really over the moon because on Wednesday the 20th my cat hat four kitten three tabby kittens and she had one black and white  so in total I have 4. 🙂 

I can’t wait to come back to school and see all of  you again but I’m really happy to see you all 🙂 i have to go now ill see you at school tomorrow I miss you all .


What I did on the weekend.

Before dinner I studied a fish. Fish are actually really cool.

imageimage   By Oana.