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My plain chcolate cake (YUM!! YUM!!!)



IMG-20130330-00331This is the cake before I put a malteasers bunny on it!!!

My chocolate cake with a malteasers bunny on top!!

By Obi


My amazing Easter cake!!!!!!!!

I made a really epic easter bunny cake!!!!   Can anyone guess what cake this is?

By Oana!!!


What is everyone doing over the holidays???

Tell everyone what you’re up to!!

South African Malva Pudding Recipie. Jayde

                 Ingredients                                                   Instuctions

  • 500g butter / margarine                              First, cream together all of the butter and sugar in a bowl.
  • 400g sugar                                                         Then, add the eggs and beat the mixture well.( could add flour and milk )
  • 4 large eggs                                                         Now, mix the viniager, the bicarbinate of soda salt and jam together.
  • 1kg self raising flour sifted                           Next, put this mixture in with the flour.
  • 1 litre milk                                                           Then, pour all the mixtures into a greased dish (38 by 300mm) and bake
  •  500ml white vinegar                                                   at 180 degrees for 60 -75 minutes.
  • 15g  bicarbonate soda                                     Finally, serve warm with cream or custard and enjoy!!!
  • 5g salt
  • 130g / 100ml smooth apricot jam


The origins of malva pudding are Dutch. Dutch colonists brought the pudding to South Africa when they arrived in the mid-1600s, but it’s most popular in the capital of south africa , Cape town.


Children and alcohol

This was in the newspaper this morning:


Almost half a million children admit to having been drunk in the past month, a  shocking new portrait of a bingeing nation reveals today. 

The toll of alcohol abuse in England has been laid bare in a stark report that  calls for urgent action to address the increasing human and financial cost  of liver disease. 

The most comprehensive national account of the country’s eating and drinking  habits claimed that hundreds of thousands of people will be condemned to  painful and intrusive hospital treatment in middle age, with many facing a  premature death brought on by their own behaviour. 

The alarming data is published in the  first atlas of variation in healthcare for people with liver disease,  which collates millions of items of data on the causes and treatment of one  Britain’s biggest killers, from doctors, hospitals, health authorities and  councils for the first time.


What do you think about this?


Newsround inventors

I think we should enter!!! Watch a few of the videos and let me know what you think.
Miss Walker

Why I am unique by Scarlett


I mostly enjoy playing with my family and friends. Also I enjoy ART, MATHS, SINGING, LITERACY and P.E. But the thing I enjoy the most is DRAWING!!! Because it is NO.1!


smoking yes or no

Narrator: It was a sweltering,hot day at 3:15pm there were a group of teenages messing around and one of them apeared to be smoking.

Asa: Oi you (glancing at Izzy)

Izzy:Who me (stutering in fear) 

Asa: Cat got your tounge (he said sarcastically with a grin on hes face)

Izzy:Ummmm…………. no what do u want anyway? (thinking to her self  her mum said never talk to strangers)

Josh:do want a fag (he said suspiciously waiting for a answer

Izzy: Whats a fag???????????(looking puzzled)

Josh:You dont now what a ciggert is.

Izzy:oh my mum toldf me a lot about smoking and it is not very good.Anyway dont wont one gtg need to do home work.(she said smartly)



James’ Smoking Play

Narrator: Hello everyone today, we are going to see a short play about a boy called James. He is being followed by a gang because they want him to smoke, lets here the story. James is walking home from school. He bumps into someone.

James: Sorry did I hurt you?

Boy: No I’m o.k. Hey should I tell you something?

James: O.k

[Shaking in fear]

Boy: Do you want to smoke?

James: No thank you, my mum told my not to smoke.

Boy: Why?

[In a confused voice]

James: Because if you are sick and if you start to smoke, you could get sick even worse!

Boy: No! I don’t want to be sick!

James: So next time when we meet, I don’t want to see you smoking anymore.

Boy: OK!

Narrator: After that long chat they had they promised that they will never smoke in their whole life.

James: Hey, do you want to play with me?

Boy: O.K what game are you playing?

James: A really good game called football

Boy: Cool!

Girl: Hello, what are you playing?

Boy: Why do you want to know?

Girl: Because I’m smoking.

James: Oh No! This is not good

Boy: Don’t worry I know what to do!

James: What?

Boy: I will sent her away

James: Right

Boy: Go away

Girl: Why should I go away?

Boy: Because your SMOKING


Saffron’s playscript :)

Narrator: An 11 year old girl named , Saffron McLeod was on her way home from school. She looked very vulnerable and no one was on the street. It was getting dark and she was distracted on her phone… She accidentally bumped into a stranger. He gave her a peculiar look…

Saffron: (holding up her hand as if he was about to use pyhiscal) Oops! Sorry sir!

Stranger: (Frowning) Yes! Well maybe next time you can get of that stupid- (puts his hand in his pocket and realises something valuable hiding there) would you like to try something?