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Jayde’s inference questions.

Big Nate

“How about a little trivia?” Francis asks cheerfully. I groan, but it’s too late. He’s already pulled out that stupid book, and he’s flipping through it with sort of a crazed look in his eyes.

“Ready?” He asks.

“Nope.” I say. Hey, Iv’e got to be honnest

Q1. How do you think Nate feels about Francis’ book of trivia?

Q2. How do you think Francis feels about his book of trivia?

Q3. What kind of mood do you think Nate’s in?

Diary of a wimpy kid: Cabin Fever

But the thing that gets me the most is fundraising.The way the systems work with these fundraisers is that students do all the work and the school gives us these junky prizes as rewards. One time,  I sold 20$ worth of gourmet coffee beans, and all I got was this cheap yo-yo that broke before I even got off school property.But Rowley REALLY got ripped off. He sold 150$ worth of beans and he got a chinese finger trap as his prize. It actually worked like it was supposed to, but Rowley couldn’t get his fingers out, and his mum had to cut it off when he got home.

Q1. How do you think Greg feels about the school and how they treat kids?

Q2. Do you thing Greg enjoys school fundraisers?

Q3. Do you think Greg likes school?


Halle’s epic homework :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

My my book is called dork diaries I hope u like it


I think yesterday was probably the best day ever 🙂 !!

Not only did I have a fantastic time at the Halloween dance with my crush,Brandon but I think actually mite like me !SQUEEEE!!!!!! By like I mean like I mean REALLY good friend. Definitely NOT as girlfriend or anything I am sure that would NEVER happen in a million years!Why?mostly because I’m the biggest DORK in the entire school.And with three spots,two Left feet and zero popularity, I’m not exactly the type of girl who one day will be crowned prom queen.

1.what kind of person is she???

2.why does she put some of the words in capital`s??¿??

3.write in your own words why she says as like I mean really good friends???!!!?

-4.what kind of book is this is fiction or nonfiction

5.what do u think the ending will turn out to be?!!????






Glance: stare
Radius:from the center of a circle to the edge

spellings by euan ferguson


Friday 19th of April 2013

Lo: to detail to describe the setting of our own volcano         


As I lay there gazing up at the gigantic, enormous volcano it stands there while the misty clouds dance in the air gracefully like a ballerina. The sky is a canvas painted in thin layers of streak. The harmonious birds whistle a sweet lullaby to make the lovely baby go to sleep. T he grass covers the snoring of the baby and tucks it the baby up in bed.


lo. To ad detail to your own volcano




I was alone lying in a soft pillow of grass. The trees dancing in the air and the silence was singing. Birds singing. He lay there humming to himself as if he had al the time in his life.He was wrong




When suddenly he arose. Volcan thrashed around leaving piles of rubble covering the town.

His eyes opaque with pyro. His face glowing with rage . Then he pulled out a sword from his bamboo sheath. Forcing the blade in his mouth he twists it. He puled it out leaving nothing but a flow of red liquid raging down the mountain boiling evry one into a granie pulp. I ran as fast as I could but he was faster.


by Euan Ferguson







Evie’s awesome volcano!!

Friday 18th of April 2013

LO: To use detail to describe the setteing of our own volcano

Must: Use similes and ambitious vocabulary

Should: Use 5 or more subordinate/dependent clauses

Could: use metaphors and personification


As I lay on my bed I look up at the elegant, peaceful, robin stuck infront of me. I stare at the chocolate brown and blush red bird – which is sleeping quietly, while making small tweeting noises as it breathes. It is a beautiful sight. I look at the sight jaw dropped in awe. I have never seen anything so stunning. The sunlight brings a shine on the robins skin. Even prettier.  Everything is quiet. Everyone is quiet. The only sound I hear is the tweeting of the bird. Music to my ears.

Suddenly that tweeting bird turns into a snoring dragon. I shiver as the dragon blows a cold wind on my back. The drangon wakes. I look harder. Harder. It has woken in a bad mood. He starts to screech. He breathes out scarlet and amber fire I make a small squeak. The fire stays alight and flows around town and now all I see is black.





Saffron’s volcano description

LO: To use detail to describe the setting of our own volcano.

Must: Use similes and ambitious vocabulary.

Should: Use 5 or more subordinate/dependent clauses.

Could: Use metaphors and personification.

Wind blowing, I ever so gently lie back onto my sun-bed and my face forms a jubilant smile. The waves tumbling into shore massaging my toes. The sun beaming into my face as I put the sun cream onto my back. The smell of fresh, fresh fruit and salty liquid surrounded by an island of rich, golden sand. I hear children playing, adults chatting! A young man – who has a very large yet colourful hat upon his head walks past selling fruits from all around the world. I buy some mango and papaya. It leaves a sweet, sugary taste sitting alone on my pink tongue. I decide to lie down closer to the awkward-shaped rock but suddenly it doesn’t seem like a good idea..

I begin to hear slight rumbles but assume it’s nothing. I lie back down and soon notice everyone is fleaing. The sun dissolves and the skies become grey.. A cluster of butterflies appear in my belly and I truly feel like this may be the end. Clouds of ash replace the beautiful sun and pumice begins to rain down at an unfathomable speed. Lava drips dow the side of the volcano and I get hit with a chunk of pumice. My feet loose there balance and I’m down.

Mount death streak #2 read #1 first

A thunder storm came to join the blood fest party. I got two problems on my mind now. I can see death in the air laughing his skull of (literally) with his soul sack ready to swoop me up. I don’t back down from a challenge and beside. Then the blue nimble thunder attacked the forest setting it on fire. So there is no way down. I was hanging like hangman until I manage to get my claw gloves out of my bag and onto my hands and in two seconds I was back on the grid. The storm grew strong and I grew weak I couldn’t go another step. Lightning is striking down near my position- I don’t know how long I can last for! The lightning it’s closing on my position, It’s………. Death……flaming volcano by sharnie the moon bear

Esther.m.a.jls’s Mount Vesuvius dope writing

I am in a desolate hole gasping for air. My peripheral vision is black like the night ready to kill my soul and devour me. My eyes open like a flower blooming into the fresh air. Cold water drips on my face. It slides down like water tap endlessly. Looking up into the blue sky and reach  out  to air bit by bit I mange to come out and see things never been seen that were out of this world but this was not a good thing. A black  formed on this earth. My mouth was opened with amazment.I ran. I was ran  like never ran before.As I looked back I saw terror in people’s eyes. I was intrigued by the faces. It was to late I was in for the kill. Weaker and weaker I get I can feel the hot lava running down my spine

Matilde’s volcano description

Friday 19th April 2013

L.O: To use detail to describe the setting of our own volcano.

MUST: Use similes and ambitious vocabulary.

SHOULD:  Use 5 or more subordinate clauses/dependent clause.

COULD: Use metaphors and personification.

The elegant blush coloured volcano, which was dormant, lay still by the motionless river like a crocodile floating slowly but surely across the sea. The pocket sized robins were chirping whilst flying gracefully, across the cloudless, twilght sky. The swans swam smoothly across the navy blue sea and all was silent and still.

Suddenly the ground started to judder and the volcano was turning into a waking crocodile. It knashed its teeth whilst pouncing up into the air. Its blood was bursting out, dripping down the side of it’s mouth. Its roar was pounding, deafing my ears, haunting me wherever I try to hide. Its a matter between life and deaf. Shall I defeat this dangerous monster? But I’m to late.It catches up with me and swallows me up.Thats it… this is the end.