Top tips for next year’s Year 6s!

I will be meeting my new class on Tuesday! Can you give them some top tips about being in Year 6!


21 responses

  1. 1. Try to be calm
    2. Walk in nicely
    3. Always try your best
    4. Don’t give up
    5. Keep your hands and feet to yourself

  2. In year 6 you will be doing loads of cool things, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t much work. You have SATs and entrance exams, but if you work really hard, you will find them very easy e.g. Most people make a big fuss about SATs but really it’s not as hard as people make out.

  3. Never shout out when the teachers are talking.
    Remember your top of the school so act like it.

  4. Don’t worry about SATs because it is only a week of hard work then the rest of the year is fun school journey and production!

  5. Sharnie the moon bear | Reply

    On my opinion behaviour needs to be better, not super perfect but it has to be reasonable.
    You are now the oldest year in the school and you are being admired by the rest of the school. If you are messing about in class and choosing to distract others around you, then I don’t think you have earned your title of being year 6. The teachers in year 6 are not strict but they exspect good behaviour.

  6. .Don’t get too scared about SATs because it’s not that bad.
    .If you are finding SATs difficult then just think about how nice it will be when you go on school journey.
    .Make the most of your last year because if you ruin it for yourself you WILL regret it.
    .If the work seems hard the best thing to do is tell a teacher about it.

  7. You might be scared about SATs but don’t be because SATs is probably the highlight of my year. You get really high levels and without SATs there would be no school journey because you have school journey to relax from all the hard work on SATs. YEAR SIX IS THE BEST YEAR EVER (keep that in mind) because you just get to spend the last year with your friends, the production, and school journey.

  8. 1. Never give up .
    2. always check your work .
    3. walk in nicely and calmly

  9. My top tips for year 5s is just enjoy year 6 and make the most of it because it’s your last year, and it will go very quickly. Year 5s might be worried and nervous about things like SATs, but it’s only a week and they’re basically the same as practice ones. So my advice is just have fun and don’t be nervous.

  10. My tip is not to mess around too much and try to get your best results and after SATs you can have loads of fun! SATs are not even that bad! School journey is amazing! Try your best in the production and treat every rehearsal as the real thing! Always remember SATs are fine!!!!!

  11. 3 top tips
    1.have fun in what ever subject you are doing.
    2.If you feel unsure about something don’t be shy and not ask just ask Miss Walker she will answer all the questions you would want to ask.
    3.Dont be scared about SAT’s its like a normal test.

  12. 1) Be cool, calm and collected
    2) Your top of the school so be a good role model
    3) Don’t be over excited about things
    4) Always be on your best behaviour

  13. 1. Don’t call Miss Walker Miss
    2. Don’t worry about SATS
    3. Listen to the teachers on school journey (so you don’t get sent to bed early!!)
    4. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  14. The year 5s are shifting to year. so the top tips are, you must not demand your homework.

  15. At the very beginning year 6 is very relaxing whilst you get used to being year 6. As you start becoming used to year 6 Miss Walker expects you to work extremely hard until SATs are over, because SATs are very important but when it comes to doing it, it feels like the practise tests. Miss Walker is a very kind teacher that expects us to do our pest but is very relaxed as long as we do what we are told!!! 🙂 year 6 is the best year!!

  16. top five tips
    1.always try your best
    2.walk around nicely
    3.dont roam around the class
    4.listen to your teacher when their talking
    5.keep your hands and feet to your self
    bye Halle ;D

  17. 1. NEVER EVER call Miss Walker, ‘Miss’. Believe me, she will go mad.
    2. Don’t feel shy to put your hand up, just be nervous if you shout out and get ready for some shouting….
    3. Don’t throw things across the classroom.
    4. Don’t forget your books.
    5. Don’t forget you’re the top of the school and you need to behave like that
    6. Do not be upset bout anything, it bring negative vibes into the classroom.

  18. My main advice for the Year 5s (soon to be Year 6s) is to have fun, because even though there’s SATs in Year 6 there are a lot of fun things too, like school journey, ICT every day and school trips are better, and SATs are NOT as hard as people say they are – take it from me: I’ve done them.
    Miss Walker is a really fun teacher, and she gives people lots of rewards, but the thing she hates the most is WHEN PEOPLE CALL HER JUST ‘MISS’, because she wants to be called Miss Walker; it gets her really mad if you don’t call her that.

  19. 1.You have to work hard before your sats.
    2.Don’t call miss walker miss
    3.Don’t shout out
    4. have fun its your last year make the most of it.

  20. Don’t worry! You’ll be fine! Miss Walker is such a lovely teach however you should be on your best behaviour. She has some pet hates; never say ‘Miss’ as it’s Miss Walker, always put your hand up when wanting to say something in a lesson, walk into your lessons nicely and don’t talk when not allowed too.

  21. 1.Never call Miss walker Miss
    2. Don’t wonder around the class room
    3. Do not throw the rubbers
    4.Dont worry about SATs because if we never had them we will not have a school journey.
    5.Dont be late
    6. Remember your book every day if you can
    7.Have fun on school journey
    8. Have fun
    9. Don’t shout out
    10. Spend time with your class and have lots of fun
    11.HAVE FUN!!!

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