How did you feel the production went?

I was so proud of you! How did you think it went?


14 responses

  1. I’m really happy that we done it and I am proud of what we done and it was epic and very fun to do. I like to do drama so that play was really good for me. no one will forget our production because it was Awesome. 🙂

  2. I think it went really well because everything happened at the right time and I think it was the best one we’ve done. I was happy as well because I didn’t forget my lines

  3. I think the production was the best we have ever preformed it. My parents can’t stop going on about how good it was! I8 think every one spoke loudly and all the adults laughed at the jokes. I think that I did well on speaking loudly and looking at the audience!

  4. It went great. I could describe it with all the positive words. My mum can’t stop talking about it, she was on the phone for 3 hours to my family just talking about the production. The production went so well I was speechless. It got 6C and 6W together. Everyone did so well. I’m so glad I’ve got mates like them to make my mistakes successful. I was happy to get it over and done with but sad that we wont be doing it again. I could never forget how well it went.

  5. I think the Production went really well because everybody remembered where they were suppose to be and also remembered their lines and didn’t fuss about anybody else’s lines. 😀

  6. I thought the production went really well, because nobody forgot their lines and I didn’t forget the song lyrics. I thought that this was our best one.

  7. I think the production went really well. It was the best performance we have done. I think the parent really got the jokes which made it better.My parents really enjoyed it, their favourite characters were Watt, Ernie and Bernie.

  8. I think the first time we did it, it was fine but we forgot some lines but that’s okay! The second time we did it was great but we forgot some props and we would say the wrong line and it would muddle it up! But the third time we did it was absolutely superb, we knew everything we had to do and we rose up to the challenge. I guess that’s why they call it third times the charm! 🙂

  9. It was definitely the best performance we’ve ever had. There were no mistakes and the crowd was very entertained and laughed a lot. I got much better with my speaking because I slowed down.

  10. It was the best one so far; everyone knew their lines and the songs were loud and clear, as well as the scene changes being very sleek. The costumes held together and everyone was laughing!

  11. The production went really well, and I think it was our best performance; I also think I did quite well because sometimes I forget to speak to the audience, but I didn’t forget!

  12. It was AMAZING!!! Everyone remembered their lines and the singing was on point! The audience found all our jokes hilarioussssss!! In my opinion, the production was just EPIC!!

  13. I fell the production went well and we made our parents laugh and enjoy it. I felt more confident performing to my parents and I managed to get all my lines right.

  14. I hope it went well i have had Sports Day today it was alright and in my school we are aloud to choose what sport/activity we want to do and if you don’t want to do any all you do is turn up and then you can do anything you want to do!!!! 🙂 tomorrow i break up and we have mufti day and we have half day and cause it is mufti day we have bring a pound but it goes to our school charity!!! 🙂
    from Jade( last years year 6’s) 😛

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