Goodbye 6W! By James Ark

We’ve had some great times this year, like the ‘Hall’e Shake’, the Horse Derp (a.k.a. funny face) in ICT, Mr Grieve and his amazing basketball trick shot, a gorilla spudding James Ari, Izzy practically dying on the coach in Bournemouth (on a similar note me, Sam and Jake falling asleep in the exact same position on the coach to Marwell) and many more, but everyone I know, even in the other years in this school, have always said we’re the best class in the school (in your face 6C!) so I’m really sad to be leaving. We are all really good friends, and we have all gelled together so well. We’ve had some amazing teachers – Mrs Osborne, Miss Hillyard, Miss Griffiths, Miss Jackson, Miss Polyayh (sorry about the spelling), Miss Coulman, Mr Jackson, and, of course, the best teacher EVER, Miss Walker! I’m 😦 to leave, but I’m 🙂 to have countless memories that I will never forget, from the first day to the last I’ve had a brilliant time, so,

GOODBYE 6DONNY-U (like what I did, double-u, donny-u, eh?)


But seriously, Goodbye 6W!




12 responses

  1. I remember last year when I left you will get over it and visit so nothing to worry about and you will always keep your friends in heart and you will all keep in touch :). 😦

    1. Cheers

      1. awwww

  2. Im never gonna forget u James Ark

  3. We need to keep in touch as much as possible so we should do that on the blog

  4. What a lovely post James Ark. You are officially the best class ever!!

  5. We were always the best class anyway. I will make a new blog tomorrow and it will be for 6w to keep in touch and see how we are doing in secondary school.
    Right now I am in Italy and Tomorrow I will be a flower girl. Soz Randomz

  6. James Ark you are still very funny, im going to miss every person in our class especially because we made a strong bond through out henry Cavendish, but now we have left we should embrace the fact that we are all maturing and that we keep that bond for as long as possible!!!

  7. this is a really good post, James Ark!! 🙂

  8. leavin u lot made my life as bad as possiable. i got punched in the face and i have a big bruise on the outta side of my lip and a big cut on the inside of my lip. Leavin u was a bad choice coz now im stuck with getting hurt everyday

    1. Leah, are you ok? Make sure you tell someone at school what’s going on. Henry Cavendish misses you lots and don’t forget how brilliant you are!

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