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hi every1 its me Leah

Ive missed primary alot. Ive made new friends. Im meeting new ppl everyday. R primary school is the only school i know that taught me that its ok to be ur self. Im in set 1 for everything im studying french and ive had the best time at all my skls but i couldnt of done it with out 6W and Mrs Walker. I hope we can plan to do something


My holiday in Italy By Tilly

These are the pictures I took in Italy


the view of the sea from the place we are renting

me board on the plane so I take a picture of my shoes

my room I share with my sister

Henna saying 6W forever

and a stray dog who always sat outside of our house.

Miss you all


P.S I hope you are having a good summer



Goodbye 6W! By James Ark

We’ve had some great times this year, like the ‘Hall’e Shake’, the Horse Derp (a.k.a. funny face) in ICT, Mr Grieve and his amazing basketball trick shot, a gorilla spudding James Ari, Izzy practically dying on the coach in Bournemouth (on a similar note me, Sam and Jake falling asleep in the exact same position on the coach to Marwell) and many more, but everyone I know, even in the other years in this school, have always said we’re the best class in the school (in your face 6C!) so I’m really sad to be leaving. We are all really good friends, and we have all gelled together so well. We’ve had some amazing teachers – Mrs Osborne, Miss Hillyard, Miss Griffiths, Miss Jackson, Miss Polyayh (sorry about the spelling), Miss Coulman, Mr Jackson, and, of course, the best teacher EVER, Miss Walker! I’m 😦 to leave, but I’m 🙂 to have countless memories that I will never forget, from the first day to the last I’ve had a brilliant time, so,

GOODBYE 6DONNY-U (like what I did, double-u, donny-u, eh?)


But seriously, Goodbye 6W!



New royal member in the family, BABY BOY By Tilly

So we have found out that there has been a new baby boy in the royal family now. What do you think its name should be?

How did you feel the production went?

I was so proud of you! How did you think it went?

Don’t be scared abouut Year 6 – Lorna

In year 6, it is a bit challenging but once you get settled, it feels perfectly normal. You see, Sats is one of the things people worry about but there is no need to. SATs is like a small wall and you want to try and knock it down but you have to study and train for it before you demolish it.  Just know inside your head whatever you get, you are perfectly fine  with it.

DOs for Year 6:

  • Do bring  your reading book everyday
  • Do make sure to leave Year 5 at the door before your first day
  • Do have as much fun as you can
  • Do smile and be happy about being in year 6

DON’T s for Year 6:

  • Don’t  all Miss Walker, ‘ miss’, she hates it
  • Don’t wander round the classroom
  • Don’t shout out
  • Don’t open the door unless you’ve been asked to
  • Don’t be sad
  • Don’t bring negative feelings into the classroom

School Journey is a wonderful thing to.look forward to. We went to Bournemouth and stayed at the Carisbrooke Hotel. We went to the aquarium, Brownsea Island, Monkey World and Marwell Activity Centre and we had an amazing disco. We were in lovely bedrooms and we were served by polite waitresses so don’t be so scared of year 6. You also have a production at the end of the year. When you watch ours, you’ll know what you have in store.

Year 6 is a year full of responsibility and you’ll be the oldest in the school so you will act like it. Ourclass has got to be the best class in the whole school and I’m sure everyone will miss us. We are all a family and being in Year 6 brought us together a lot closer. I hope you can be just as well as us.

Written by Lorna

year6 does and donts

miss walker is averry lovely teacher but don’t get on the wrong side of her she can get realy get mad  but stay on the right side  and youl be fine.

Top tips for next year’s Year 6s!

I will be meeting my new class on Tuesday! Can you give them some top tips about being in Year 6!

Eve’s Secondary School Targets!!!

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My 3 targets for next year bye halle :D

English: my target in English is  to do more semi colons

math: my target in math is  work on mental math

reading: is to slow down when I read