Creep’s Diary By Cameron

Dear Dairy

Monday,12th,August 1923
Yesterday I witnessed the most deserved sight I saw a spider gobble up a poor helpless fly, let me tell you how it happened.

I was sitting down in the park with my dogs near the spider’s house we were leaving the park when I heard a scream so I looked in the house window and saw him tormenting her. First I said ”It’s way of life.” But time and time again I happened to hear mumbling coming from the window and I tell you what it was the same person every time.(He’s mercenary) Anyway I discovered from the salivating spider, that she had been missing for 30 days. Then I had an immune idea, I’ll become a detective and unravel this mystery.

 So that’s  why I am a detective now, so I went back to the spider’s den to get more clues, this time I went into the dangerous house.It was a discussing, messy rooms and there right in front of me was Bell Spagwot. When I got home I looked up on the web and it turns out that she’s an actress.This could be BIG news. So I planed out what I was going to do,I planed day and night I thought I was ready.

“If I see that monsters face I would chop it off with my leaf blade”.I mumbled. I searched all over the the slimy den. Until I found her suffocating in a tight web, in the bedroom. My leaf blade  could not cut through the thick web. So I tried a weed hacker, it didn’t work.

I heard the door open, venom stumbled in, he sniffed then sniffed again. “Mm mm, who’s in my house.”said venom licking his lips. Stupidly I dropped my weed hacker, I was hoping he didn’t hear it but he did. So I cut her lose and we started to run for our lives.  He ran to the bedroom and saw Bella Spagwot run through the door.  He followed us back to my house.  We hid in the basement and out of nowhere he came through the ceiling.

Having no mercy he killed me and that’s`how I died.


10 responses

  1. What a fascinating diary entry Cameron! You put so thought and detail into it. I really loved reading it and didn’t want it to end.

  2. Fantastic Cameron, it is really exciting and full of danger! I am wondering what could happen next. Well done, Miss Raistrick

  3. I think it was really good cameron and I like the fact you included a great word immune I think it is a great description. Well done cameron it is really great !!!!!!!!!!

  4. That’s great cameron your amazing and such detail in it

  5. i agree to every one of you!Cameron put alot of detail and effort into this piece of work you should be proud of it

    1. I agree with you tilly fully

  6. Good home work you should be prode of yourself.

  7. Well done cam you have good ideas and that such a good peace of home work well done.

  8. You don't no me LOL | Reply

    wow that is so cool your homework is so amazing like amazing6w no won can forget them or you and you put so much detail in it well down

  9. wow cam u put so much detail into that homework it was epic and
    you should be very poud of yourself cam.well done cam 😀 😀 😀 😀
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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