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  1. I have found that the capital of Mali is Bamako

  2. timbuktu (or Tombouctou as it is sometimes spelt) was founded at the end of the 11th Century, when it was established as the crossroads of the great North-South trans-Saharan trade routes and the Niger river.

  3. In Mali, the herders and the cattle move from place to place to find more grass and water. Many of the herders first go out into the bush when they are very young – maybe ten years old. The herders live out in the bush for several months at a time, with just a blanket to sleep under, a stick, a big knife, a goatskin food bag, and matches or a lighter so they can light fires to cook on or to scare wild animals away. In recent years, degradation of the land, lack of rain, and the number of trees that have died and disappeared have meant that the herders have to take their animals further and further away in order to find good grazing land.

    “I like life in the bush very much. I love it so much I don’t want to come back. I feel at ease there, I am part of nature; it is like poetry. I’m never afraid: I’m not afraid of wild game, I’m not afraid of bandits.” Boubacar Diall, Herder

  4. I have found out that tree’s grow in the sahara and also there is a strange rock formation that is called the Hand of Mahtma.

    Izzy xx

  5. Tintihigrene is a village in Mali. It is newly settled for the nomadic people.

  6. I found out that the Capital city of Mali which is Bamako.
    I found out why it is called this and it is because Bamako means crocodile river which is the symbol of Mali

  7. I found out about Bamako! It is the capital city of Mali. Crocidiles are the symble of Bamako!

  8. The capital city of Mali is Bamako and Bamba means crocodile so Bamako means crocodile river. So crocodiles are the symbol of Bamako

  9. Tintihigrene
    There still in droughts from the 1970 and when it doesn’t rain there crops so when it dose rain they love it because they can grow crops like beans, sprouts and other vedables to keep there family healthy.

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