At the moment, there is a horrific conflict going on in Syria. I would like you to think about the impact this has on children there. How are their lives changed by war? Where is Syria?


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  1. their lives could change so their always scared and startled. I feel do sorry for them they are suffering and dieing. Why is this war happening?

    1. I don’t know . Are you going to reasearch it?

  2. I don’t really understand Syria and i know how a war is going on but I’m a bit confused on the poverty side of things.

  3. It makes me feel upset in the state they are living in.If you put your self into their shoes it would be horrible:Bombs dropping on your house,Starving,Finding somewhere to hide.Its really horrible.
    Syria is in Asia.

  4. Syria’s war id absorlutely devistating because their are children in that weak and horrible environment.
    In April 2011, the Syrian Army was deployed to quell the uprising, and soldiers were ordered to open fire on demonstrators. ( .

  5. I agree with you Rasharn some lives could be changed if we try. But I think war should not be there or any where beacuse it kills

  6. I feel really sorry for them because they dont deserve it they just need a normal life here is where syria is.

  7. I feel upset when I think of the people in Syria because they don’t just live in poverty they are living in a war especialy at christmas time. (Even though they might not celebrate it). The children must be effected loads as well. Imagine not being able to leave your home because you could actualy die outside (I bet its only a little bit safer inside)

  8. There lives could be like that forever they could be petefried i do feel sorry for them because they die and suffer.

  9. Syria is a country that has gone beyond poverty, but are now in war. The man behid it all is Syria’s president, Assad. I do not know a single person who likes him. 😦

  10. Syria is a country in Western Asia, bordering Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea to the West, Turkey to the north, Iraq to the east, Jordan to the south and Israel to the southwest.
    Where they are starting wars.

  11. and its near Turkey Iran and Iraq

  12. Syria is in Asia, it is close to Turkey, Iraq and Israel. I think they are really scared and they some children might of left the country without their parents.

  13. Syria is a country in the middle east that borders Jordan, Lebanon and Israel. The capital is Damascus, the 2nd oldest city in the world; it has been inhabited for an estimated 4000 years. The president is president Assad and he is the reason for all the conflict and violence because people do not like the way he is leading. It’s weird because just last year Top Gear went to Syria and they were fine, the only countries they were worried about were Iran and Iraq, but all the violence in those countries has died down. In Syria though, it has gone beyond poverty, it is war. Why don’t they just become a republic??

  14. Well I think it is so horrible that children our age have to survive with this and they may die from this.

  15. I feel so sad. I feel like were getting all the good things and their getting all the wrong ones. I hope no one is seriously hurt or I feel really sad. 😥

  16. I didn’t even know there was a war going on. Typical me , I’m always late in finding things out. It’s really sad that there’s a war going on . Loads of kids will go without christmas or electrisity. Or food or water or a home. That’s really bummed me out. 😦 😦

  17. In Syria i fell sorry for the children because today were having christmas dinner and they have no heating and even some people had to leave the country because there so much war going on. Some children that are Syria have no more mum or dad because they have been killed in the war and i fell really sorry for them. 😦

  18. That’s very sad and I hope us and our school could raise money for them like in a bake sale or something! ( It will be worth a try) what do you think I want to know!

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